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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's wrong with us?

Everywhere you turn, someone is asking what is wrong with our society. Typically, the asker has the answer and really just wants the askee to listen and agree. (Up until now, askee was not a word. However, I like it, I said it aloud, I used it in a sentence, and I asked others what they thought it meant. They all got it right. Therefore, it is a word now. Please, feel free to use it!)

Everyone who has an opinion regarding what is wrong with society (so, basically everyone) also has somewhere to lay the blame. Republicans blame the Democrats. Protestants blame the Catholics. Parents blame THESE KIDS TODAY!! Dogs blame the Cats. And, throughout time someone somewhere has blamed it all on the Jews.

I don’t think that there is any one group of people or one belief system to blame. I think that there are many many problems in our world today and I don’t know what the solutions are.

I can tell you that I believe that there is one thing, one very big thing, which is destroying our society piece by piece every day. It is something that is so prevalent no one thinks twice about it. Everyone has participated in it, including me. However, it is easy to fix.

I am speaking of judging. The actual definition of judging is –

Judging present participle of judge (Verb)

Form an opinion or conclusion about.

Decide (a case) in a court of law

That does not sound too bad. We all have opinions. Forming a conclusion is not scary. Basically, I read an article through the eyes of my own life experiences, I measure it with my personal opinions, and I form a conclusion. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, right?

Well, never underestimate human being’s ability to take something and muck it up beyond recognition. Modern men and women have taken judging to an entirely different level. To be fair, some of the blame needs to rest squarely on the shoulders of the person who thought a comment section on every article appearing on the Internet was a good idea.

Today’s definition of Judging should read –

Judging present participle of judge (Verb)

Also Judgy or Judginess

To present your opinion as fact and to conclude that all other opinions are wrong and stupid. Further, conclude that those individuals holding opposite opinions are equally wrong and stupid. AND possibly evil.

Decide (a case) in a court of law

One need only look as far as last weeks stories about Marissa Mayer to see Judging in all its vicious glory. You can read more about it here and here. I also encourage you to read a wonderful blog by the fabulous Cecily Kellogg with her opinion about judging.

I think that if we want to start true change in our society we need to start with the Judging epidemic. Before you post a comment or start a rant, run it through this little test. If the following words or a variation thereof, appears, you are guilty of modern day judging.

  • You are out of your mind
  • What an idiot
  • You are an idiot
  • I’ve never read anything so idiotic in my life
  • You are so dumb you should die
If however, you want to post your personal experience as Cecily did, post away. Comment to your hearts content. Have respect. Honor the choices of other’s. If we all commit to this and we all follow through can you imagine the change? There would be a ripple effect through out all society. Life would be boring if we all agreed. So, unless you are an actual judge who has to judge for a living, get over yourself, and open your mind. Live and let live.

Remember when we were kids and Smokey, Woody, and McGruff taught us that one person could make a difference? Well…..I think we need an anti-judge character to help us with an STOP Judginess Campaign. (See paragraph one for a reminder of my criteria for creating a word.)

I chose this –

 I love this guy. But, we need a kick-butt catchy saying. Smokey, Woody, and McGruff all have awesome sayings. SO, help me out here people…..give me some ideas.

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