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Sunday, June 17, 2012

When all else fails, sing about it.

Yesterday I posted this very long blog about being part of something special.  In the post, I mentioned that I have a problem listening to the universe when teaching points land in my path.  In fact, I down right suck at it.      This week, I listened and the results are chronicled in the very long blog about being part of something special.

I wanted to share with you all to what I was referring when I mentioned that I listened this time.

On June 12 I read this blog post . Jenny's laptop was stolen from her luggage while in the control of American Airlines. FYI, yes she knows it was not the best idea to put the laptop in her checked bag.  

 In turn, Jenny posted this

Dave Carroll's story captivated me.  After 8-months of fighting with United because baggage handlers willfully, and in front of many witnesses, broke his Taylor guitar he turned to social media for help. In four days he had 1-million hits, United Airlines stock dropped 10% for a loss of $180 million dollars, and United was forced to do the right thing.  Dave and his friends did this without any cursing, insults, or death threats.  It was a respectful campaign.  It was a successful campaign!  It inspired me and opened my mind to the possibilities.  

Two days later, I even shared the story with my boss and co-workers after a weekly staff meeting.  Dave's story was fresh in my mind later that evening when I read that the Argyll and Bute Council banned a 9-year old girl in Scotland from posting pictures of her school lunches and blogging about it.  In less than 24-hours her followers, including me, successfully convinced "the council" to reverse that decision.

Dave Carroll's mission started two-years ago yet his message is still making a difference.  His video has over 12 million views.  He also wrote a book about it. It is still early in the story of VEG and her Never Seconds Blog.  Who knows where this tale will go.  I heard an unofficial report that the donations to Mary's Meals through VEG's blog is up to 100,000 pounds.  I am sure VEG will update us tomorrow.  Regardless, Mary's Meals has received outstanding free press.

I cannot wait to see where we go from here.

Oh, I got a bonus from all this.  My sister read the blog and called me.  We live a long distance away from each other and we don't talk enough.  It was great to talk to her about something so uplifting.  I love you 3M.

***Update.  VEG's total giving is currently at £81,086.00 in total donations.  That is a mind blowing 1158@ above her initial goal!

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