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Monday, June 18, 2012

Never Seconds Update

This video of children from the Lirangwe School in Malawi thanking VEG and her "friends", (that's US folks) is so wonderful.  I just cannot stop watching it.  

VEG was back today talking about her lunch. Donations through VEG's Just Giving link are up to £87,630.23.  VEG announced that the school kitchen will be named Friends of Never Seconds.   
I did follow-up with a thank you email to “the council” I do hope that others did as well.
I intended to write about something else entirely today. However, I just had to share the wonderful thank you video. My other topic will have to wait until tomorrow, but here is a preview.   Tomorrow I want to talk about another blog I love, Free-Range Kids 

The blog, and subsequent comments, sparked a lot of thoughts.  Since my first grandchild arrives the end of August, I have been thinking a lot about raising children in today's world.   I'll talk more about that next time.

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