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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Updated - Another celebrity's despicable display

I used to like Katie Holmes.  She is cute, sweet, and talented.  Then, yesterday, I read this.  I was throughly disgusted by the article.  $945 for a blouse???  Seriously?  Then I went to Elle.com to read more about this line of clothes and I became more than disgusted.  I got angry.   It is despicable in this world today to feel it is okay to wear clothes that cost this much money.  The designer's outfit (not anything special to my eyes) cost a total of $3,375.  One model is wearing a hat (which IS kind of cute) that costs $250.  Now I have the opinion that Katie Holmes is just another self absorbed actress with an over exaggerated sense of entitlement.  Yes, I know she does do some charitable work.

 But look at the other examples-
Kevin Costner spent 20 million of his own money on this invention.
Patricia Arquette gives her time and money to help those in desperate need in Haiti, as does Sean Penn.

Then there is an example of a celebrity developing a clothing line with her daughter that will be affordable. Madonna and Lourdes will have a soon have a line carried in Macy's that will cost from $12 - $40 dollars.

Money, in my opinion is not the root of all evil. How people with money live their lives is what matters. There is nothing wrong with having buckets of money. In fact, I would not mind having buckets of money myself. When you are fortunate enough to have mega bucks, I think your thoughts should always run to "who can I help"? Madonna managed to find a way to come up with a fun funky line for low prices. Kevin Costner spent 20 million to find a way to clean up disastrous oil spills. Katie Holmes designs a clothing line that costs a fortune in a time when people are losing their jobs and homes.

Maybe Katie should remember that there are people in this country and all over the world that need help. People WILL buy this clothing line. We all know that will happen. Katie, give half the proceeds to people in need. That would help take the bitter taste of a $2,500 jacket if we all knew that half of that money went to help homeless children in the USA.

Update: I posted this a long time ago. It was my first blog post. I'll talk about that later tonight in my next post. I just wanted to add an update to say that I know that Sean Penn is VERY screwed up. He has issues. Yet, he still helped a great deal in Haiti after the earthquake. Also, I don't know how Lourdes's line at Macy's is doing, or if it is still affordable. AND, yes, I know Kevin Costner made more buckets of money with his invention. However, you never know that going in to a project. I do want to say that I have NO problem with having nice clothes. I like nice clothes. It is my opinion that no one anywhere needs a jacket that costs $2,500. For $2,500 it better come with a maid, a chef, a masseuse, and seven other outfits.


Dear Katie: I wish you well on your new life. I still think that your clothing line is obscene!

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